Friday, April 26, 2013

My first tryst with Mathematics

Hello Everyone,

Here I am, after days of pondering I hereby pronounce my foray into the Blogosphere. In this first inaugural post, I will be narrating to all of you my first experiences with my first love, yes, you guessed it right Mathematics. I studied in a small private school in Bombay(Mumbai of today). My secondary school Math teacher was a very disciplined one, always making us practise hard in our Fractions, Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry etc. I also remember her telling us how much Math is going to be relevant in our lives. She also gave us tons of worksheets as part of our daily practice reminding us how homework is useful for feedbacks and proper understanding of the concepts.

I immediately fell in love with Math and all her fundamental Algebra and Geometry concepts sharply imbibed in my mind. Here, you can also see my earliest 2 best buddies, they were

Math classes were eagerly anticipated and greeted with a lot of enthusiasm from my side. Math soon became my best friend. I started solving puzzles including the Mensa Puzzles, lots of other puzzle books including the impeccable incredibly challenging ones written by the recently departed Shakuntala Devi who can be attributed as creating my first awe struck moments. Her book Puzzles to Puzzle You became my best companion in times of stress, despair and even sometimes anxiety.
As you must have all seen that my Math career got a jump start thanks largely due to the two lovely Math women my secondary school teacher Mrs Bharathi and the late Mathematics genius Mrs. Shakuntala Devi thus dismissing any qualms that women and Math do not go hand in hand. 
To quote myself  
Thirst for Math
Do let me know what you feel about my blog, I will be more than happy to hear from you.

Stay Blessed Everyone
Vijay aka the MathMan