Thursday, June 13, 2013

Anniversaries and Math to the rescue(who else!!!)

Hello All,

It's me again, your friendly neighborhood MathMan(ahem! well that was Spiderman but then who cares, right?) It's been quite a well since I wrote last during my birthday. Well yesterday happened to be my parent's wedding anniversary 
Mom Dad and my kiddo
and I thought what a better way to commemorate them than to write about this lovely yearly celebration which all we family people love. As I grew up, actually growing enough to think on my own I discovered that each year as the anniversary grows by one year, there is a name rather a gift article attached to it. The common ones start with the 5th anniversary, so we would wish something like Happy Wood Anniversary, 10th being the Tin/Aluminium(seriously?), 25th one the Silver, 50th Golden etc. 

Now the most common predicament which comes to a man's mind is how to make his beloved wife happy, well you could either just tell her that you love her so {{{{{{{{{{ }}}}}}}}}}}}} much or like in this picture 

Anyways here is a link Anniversaries and their add ons for people who are interested in knowing more about anniversaries, the gift they may consider buying for their spouse as per their year of celebration. Another situation may arise when the hubby inadvertently forget their anniversaries, the wives can help their husbands by taking a look at this illustration
Nice Idea!!!
Coming back dear friends, what could be the best way of learning your Mathematics well? I'd say:
1. Learn the basics very well.
2. Know your numbers and types of numbers very well, read my first post if you wish to know more about numbers.
3. Learn the basic operations including Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division and PEMDAS.
Remember this:

After you have mastered that, you may want to try this one:
4. Write in a very clear and legible letters, after all handwriting plays a very important role. You may want to check this: Tips for Mathematical Handwriting, gives lovely tips and illustrations towards a better Math presentation in writing skills.
5. Always show your working in well defined steps.
6. Practice and solve more and more problems of the same type till you get them grilled in your head. I would advice to do this, starting right from the Multiplication Times Tables, Fractions, Algebra, Geometry, Quadratic Formula etc.
As always, lastly some links for all of you, if you wish to:

1. Remember Math Basics: Remembering Math
2. Study Math: How to Study Math
3. Learning Math through lovely Math Games for the Kindergarten to the 5th Grade: Learning Math Games for Kids

Now finally to end this piece, my wedding anniversary happens to fall on this month end, yes you guessed it right on the 30th of June and guess what I may end up giving her hmmm 
So for all of you, what year are we celebrating, remember the Math?

This is Vijay aka your Mathman signing off
Stay Blessed


  1. I'd mention posing problems, modeling, and math arts as necessary for learning math well.

    Happy upcoming anniversary!

  2. Always a honor to hear from you Maria :)) there will be more of those ideas in the coming days, you can be sure of that. And yes! Thanks a bunch for the best wishes


  3. an instructive blog that was fun and entertaining to read, as always. I am enjoying the maths tips.

    Our wedding anniversary is 4th July, aka Independence Day in the U.S. ha ha, it hasn't been forgotten yet!

    Happy Anniversary when it comes! :)

    1. Thank you very much for the kind words Suzy :)) and well your wedding anniversary is not one which can be easily forgotten. The whole world would remember it, in fact.

      Happy Anniversary hon and of course keep in touch.


  4. Good math tips and anniversary humor to boot! Math modeling and problem-solving are definitely important to add, Maria. Keep writing, Mathman :)

    1. Thanks a bunch Jess :)) I will certainly keep writing my dear friend and try to incorporate what Maria told me.

      Stay Blessed

  5. Very instructive and fun! I'm going to share it with my Statistics students because the tips are great (they are majoring in Psychology, and they don't know even the basics of math).

    Nice to know a little about your family. The pic is great!
    Have a wonderful anniversary!

    1. Sorry for the late reply Margarita, you're such a kind soul. You can surely share my blog and all the links and resources I list here to distribute with your students. If you ever need any help in links resources or notes you know where and how to find me.

      Thanks again for the wonderful words showered on me.

      Stay safe


  6. Great Post, Vijay! I really like your blog and your writing! I, too, just had my wedding anniversary - 2 years already! My wife is not the math enthusiast that I am, and so I don't know how well that card would go over with her, especially if I put anything at all in the line for "I love you less than..." :)

    Also, I was actually just reading about PEMDAS recently, and I have never seen your pandas mnemonic before! I like that you can actually attach something visual to it, other than just "multiplication, division, etc..." Should make it easier to recall. I completely agree that you need to learn your basics well. I have recently restarted my website to help do just that - teach some of the more basic math concepts, hopefully in terms that are easily accessible and understandable by all levels. It is as, if you or any of your readers would be interested in checking it out!

  7. Shaun, it's been an absolute treat hearing from you. Of course now we also follow each other on twitter, that makes it very much easier to keep in touch.

    Keep in touch